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Mokotów Apartments

Greenery next to the Wyścigowa multi-family building (design, implementation)


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel
Area: 800 m
Location: Warsaw

Investor: Przedsiębiorstwo TYNKBUD 1

Architecture: Jeziorski Architekci




The project included the implementation of a comprehensive development concept together with  with the implementation of outdoor areas and greenery in the interior.

The main challenge was the difference in height in a relatively small area. The initial problems, however, were translated into an opportunity to create an interesting space. Concrete pots were designed for maroon trees that set the rhythm in the composition. Pots also act as retaining walls for terraces, shaped at different heights. At the highest point of the site, a meeting place was designed in the form of an openwork gazebo with comfortable benches arranged so as to ensure good contact during neighborly conversations. Creepers were planted in the surroundings of the gazebos,  box trees, flowering hydrangeas and perennials. The remaining plantings are undemanding turf plants (irgi, ivy, tavulas) and medium shrubs obscuring unattractive views. The finishing touches are gravel surfaces with 'Pumilio' mountain pine plantings. The space is also attractive in the evening thanks to the illumination used.


WYŚCIGOWA 31.08.jpg
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