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GRINER is a company offering comprehensive services related to design and land development. We plan the space in the spirit of sustainable development, caring  for what was, is and will be.

People are important to us in the context of nature, culture and technology. We are inspired by the natural landscapes of meadows, wild forests, river banks,  but we eagerly refer to elements created by man, such as fountains, water pool, playing fields, locks, railway embankments, farmlands, orchards, production forests or hedges known from palace gardens.

We use reflections in our projects. The past is reflected in the present, the landscape in the garden, the garden in the facade of the building, the man in the water. We plan the space in context most accurately and meet the challenges posed by the passing time.  


For us, the design process is like planning a piece by a composer. We take into account such elements as harmony, rhythm, dominant or counterpoint. We do not use one "recipe".

In some projects, space  lives his life, improvises, blurs boundaries and resembles a natural landscape.  In others projecst space manifesting itself with an lawn and a mono-species hedge.


The scope of the projects includes objects of various scales: parks and squares ,  areas of housing estates, schools and universities, home gardens . We are happy to participate in activities in the field of revitalization and renaturalization of landscape.

We work with architects, specialists (including surveyors, road builders, pavers, gardeners) and material suppliers.


- we have a wide  knowledge and experience
- we use modern technologies
- we are members of associations


- we combine art, engineering and nature, we are engineers-artists
- we do not rely on patterns,
- we transform problems into opportunities


- we rely on honesty
  and trust
- we adapt to different situations
- we work full of commitment and smile


- we make conceptual and executive designs
(CAD software),
3d visualizations and sketches

- we ensure originality and accuracy


- we control the quality of the material (plants, stones, building materials)
- we conduct author's supervision
- we coordinate teams

- we make cost estimates and work schedules, we optimize costs
- our project allows you to save up to 15% of the investment value.

M.Sc. Wojciech Pytel

landscape architect, owner


A graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He gained experience in design and construction studios. Participant of numerous trainings, workshops and exhibitions.

He is licensed by the SITO NOT Green Area Supervision Inspector. It takes care of  design, supervision and coordination of works.

Interests: public space, modern environmentally friendly technologies, water reservoirs, botany

M.Sc. Paulina Pytel

landscape architect


A graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. He has many years of experience in garden design. He designs outdoor spaces. He specializes in intimate arrangements, with particular emphasis on the human-environment relationship.

Interests: gardens, design, interior greenery

We work with, among others:
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