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Design / Analysis and Consulting

- consulting

- environmentally sustainable design,

- concepts, visualizations, detailed designs

- designs of parks, squares, playgrounds, gardens, green roofs, sports grounds;

- rain gardens, water retention,

- fourth nature, tree planting projects, planting strategies. biodiversity, wildlife

- forest areas, naturalistic areas, flower meadows,

- rural landscapes

- dendrological inventories, tree stand management, applications for logging, etc .;

- technical specifications,  cost estimates;

- paving and fencing designs, CAD drawings

- projects  small architecture (DFA) and development elements such as gazebos, stairs, terraces, retaining walls, fountains, swimming pools, ponds;

- green space revalorization and modernization projects;

Landscape Construction

- supervision of works execution, garden construction, landscaping, order and work progress control;

- execution of drainage systems;

- automatic irrigation systems;

- ponds, streams, water walls;

- construction of pavements, squares and patios, terraces;

- installation of lighting;
- establishment of sowing and turf lawns (in rolls);
- planting plants (trees, shrubs, perennials), eco-farms;
- stone compositions, flower pots;

- floristic compositions.

Care and service

- year-round / permanent greenery care;

- preparation of guidelines and maintenance reports;

- supervision of the maintenance of green areas;

- garden care consultancy;

- various types of tree and shrub cutting (forming and care cuts), hedge trimming, cutting

- fertilization;
- lawn care (mowing, watering, fertilization, scarifying and aeration, sandblasting),
- maintenance of automatic irrigation systems;

It is forbidden to copy and share any photos and descriptions posted on the website. Their author is Wojciech Pytel and they are protected by intellectual property.  Copying or distributing photos without the author's knowledge is punishable under the Act of February 4, 1994 on copyright and related rights.

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