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Modernization of the Rakowiecka 5 housing estate courtyard


Designers: Wojciech Pytel,
Area: 750 m²
Location: Warsaw

Investor: VIVARTIS sp. Zo o

Architecture: CUBE Architekci sc


The project included the preparation of a concept for the development of a housing estate yard. New communication solutions (with surface replacement), new plantings, small architecture and lighting were proposed. The greenery design included the preparation of an offer cost estimate as well as implementation and maintenance during the warranty period.


The concept proposes communication in a simple form, running along the most frequented routes (from the backyard entrances to the building, to the garbage can). The neglected surface was replaced and a new dumpster shelter was built, enriched with  storage room  bicycles. In the central point of the space, a stone composition was proposed, which covers the concrete slab, has a decorative function and at the same time "interests" passers-by. Existing vegetation  (linden trees, hazel) were completed  tarnishing patches (including Japanese tawuła, yew in cultivar Farmen, irgi, periwinkle). Shrubs with a height of about 2 m were also proposed, such as the bladder, coral viburnum and white-flowering hydrangeas, which give the space elegance.  The renovated backyard not only pleases the current residents, but also attracted new tenants interested in an unusual, slightly playful arrangement.

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