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Józefów Park projekt zieleni otoczenia budynków_wizualizacja 2.jpg

Józefów Park Apartamenty - land development


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch
Area: 4,000 m2

Location: Józefów near Warsaw

Investor:  T1 Developer

Project: 2021

Realization: 2022.

Józefów Park Apartments is a unique investment consisting of six 3-storey buildings surrounded by greenery. Land use  refers to the style of Świdermajer,  characteristic of the so-called Otwock line.

The designers proposed a modern interpretation of details in the form of small architecture: a gazebo, a footbridge, railings and a playground. Wooden play equipment is natural, ecological and allows for creative play. Comfortable benches ensure relaxation in the sun and shade. The spacious garden is dominated by native plants: pines and rowans as well as airy, low vegetation: ornamental grasses, echinacea and Perowski grasses. Thanks to this, all elements are consistent and emphasize the spirit of this beautiful place.

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Józefów Park projekt zieleni otoczenia budynków_PLAN OGÓLNY.jpg
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Józefów Park projekt zieleni otoczenia budynków_wizualizacja 3.jpg
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