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001_a_koncepcja 1.jpg
An intimate garden with a water level in Warsaw's Żoliborz


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch

Architecture: Mc2 Architektura M.Myszkowski

Area: 300 m2

Location: Warsaw

Design: 2020

Realization: 2021

A time-varying composition and the creation of an intimate "garden lounge" as an extension of the apartment - this is how the proposed concept can be summarized.

The designers focused on the minimalist style of the garden in which Japanese trends, also present in the interior, have found their place. Thanks to a properly shaped composition (e.g. interesting garden elements visible from the windows)  the garden became an extension of the living room. The central point of the composition is a covered terrace from which you can contemplate nature. An important element of the garden is the circular water element. The thin layer of water forms a kind of mirror in which both the observer and the green surroundings are reflected. It is the pupil of the garden, thanks to which we can see from a different perspective.




002_widok na ogród_wiosna.jpg
001 RZUT_koncepcja ze lustrem wody_BEZ A
001_b_koncepcja 1.jpg
28.04_felińskiego widok na zbiornik wodn
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