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New Eco-bauhaus - Grodzisk Mazowiecki


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch,

Architecture: A8 Architektura Piotr Lewandowski

Area: 1500 m2

Location: near Warsaw

Project: 2021

Implementation: 2022-2023.

Wojciech Pytel, the chief designer of the studio, says about this project:

"Eco-bauhaus-garden  is a model garden design that reflects the contemporary ideas of the 21st century Garden.  Technology, nature and design do not stand against each other. They do not stand next to each other, but intertwine with each other and, on the basis of synergy, co-create a sustainable space. It is not a garden that ends at the plot border, but is an open part of the ecosystem, sensitive to environmental stimuli. It was created by people, for people, but taking into account the dominant role of plants, microorganisms, soil and air. It is a space for integrating man with nature and home with the landscape. Elements of technology  help in this integration, they allow different groups of users to explore the space. Design and design are also not the main actors, although they do play a key role. Their goal, however, is not the ego emanation. Rather, they act as guides. Elements created by man allow you to "live on yourself", entwine with plants, and be inhabited by mosses  and lichens. In tune with everything. Some plants are sheared by humans, but not to show their haughtiness. But  so that he [man] would meditate deeply into himself and into nature. Thanks to this, perhaps he will understand that this plant is as if human ...

In short, it's just a nice garden. "

The project included the terrain, hardening, paths, roofed terraces, pergola, design of a children's house, design of a place for a hearth, design of a sauna, selection of vegetation and garden equipment. The concept of the fence and the context of the garden are taken into account.

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