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A modern geometric garden with a playground for children

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Malicka
Area: 900 m²
Location: Warsaw


    The project included the preparation of the concept with visualizations, the detailed design of the surface and vegetation with dimensioning and technical description as well as the cost estimate.


In line with the expectations of the plot owners, the garden has been designed in a modern style. The composition was based on simple, geometric shapes that allowed for the separation of various functional zones.

In the front part, there is a driveway, a garbage can and a lawn. The street side is protected by a hedge in front of which catalpa trees with spherical crowns have been planted at equal intervals. From the front part to the other parts of the garden, we walk along a path made of slabs into the lawn, admiring the moorland and three birch trees in a gravel garden with ornamental grasses and dogwood bushes that decorate the garden with red shoots in winter. Another zone is a playground for children equipped with a multi-functional play device. Next to it, there are plants such as hazel, maple, tavulas and flowering perennials that encourage the study of nature (maple noses, hazelnuts, inflorescences and perennials smells). Right next to the house there is a terrace made of exotic wood and a concrete pot with a cherry solitaire in Pissardi variety, which sprinkles with pink flowers is the queen of spring. Opposite the terrace, among decorative perennials, a place for a swing has been arranged. The ornamental garden is complemented by a utility garden with vegetable quarters, fruit bushes and a tool house.

The designed garden, thanks to the consistency in the composition and the materials used, constitutes a coherent and harmonious space intended for relaxation.


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