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A modern garden inspired by the culture of the Far East

Designers: Wojciech Pytel
Area: 1000 m²
Location: Warsaw


The scope of the project included the preparation of the concept along with visualizations and description of solutions.


According to the investor's guidelines, the garden was to be inspired by the culture of the Far East.  The starting point in the concept was the loose connection of the Japanese garden with a modern, geometric garden. The designer decided that such a solution would fit into the minimalist conventions of the building's architecture and at the same time ensure the appropriate functionality of the space. The garden refers to the philosophy of the four elements: rocks, water, wind and fire, which are reflected in the elements of the development.
  Japanese gardens include such motifs as: stone compositions (symbolizing rocks), gravel surfaces (symbolizing the ocean), forms of small architecture and equipment (water cascade, swing, table, seats, bench) and vegetation (ginkgo biloba, Kanzan cherries, magnolias, rhododendrons,  molded bonsai, pine trees,  Japanese tawulas, azaleas, palm maple, miscanthus, Japanese anemones, rozplenice). Modern gardens were used to draw a dynamic composition, materials and technologies (concrete retaining walls, terrace made of fireproof materials) and functionality (e.g. a leisure lawn)


The garden is divided into zones:

- front part (driveway, gravel garden with a bench)

- side part (cover vegetation, path leading to the terrace made of wood and PVC composite)

- recreational part (pergola with a place to relax, fireplace, rock composition, water reservoir, lawns, swing, ornamental vegetation).

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