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Garden on the edge of the village - design and implementation

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Małgorzata Pytel
Area: 1000 m²
Location: near Nowy Dwór

Project: 2010

Realization: 2011


The scope of work included the concept, cost estimate, comprehensive implementation of the garden (driveway, plants, gazebo). After the implementation, the garden was under constant care (fertilization, fighting diseases and pests, nursing cuts, maintenance of small architecture).

The garden is designed in a country style meeting the needs of users and
  fitting into the context of the surrounding landscape.

The whole has been divided into zones:

- a recreational and decorative garden

- utility part (back-up facilities)

- usable part with a run for a dog


The main axis of the garden  it is an access road leading to the gazebo and the rest of the garden. The gazebo is the main meeting and feast place for users. It is complemented by a fire, which attracts people on summer evenings, building a specific atmosphere. There is also a place for a swing and decorative plant beds were designed, among others a grass garden, a moor, a naturalistic bed or flower beds made of trimmed box trees and conifers.   Garages are located in the utility part, and on their west side there is a utility garden and a dog run. The entire garden is surrounded by a trimmed ligustered hedge which provides privacy, protects from winds and is an ideal habitat for birds. Thanks to the diversity of vegetation, the garden is attractive at any time of the year, showing its variability.

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