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A garden that combines modern and rustic styles

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Malicka
Area: 1030 m²
Location: near Warsaw


    The main idea of the concept was the garden as a buffer between the two worlds: FOREST and WSI. It was found that the plot adjacent to the Kampinos National Park cannot contrast with the area of nature protection. Therefore, the northern part of the site is similar to the forest one. Birch Grove was proposed here, as well as naturalistic plantings, such as blueberries, pine trees, lilies of the valley, coconut trees, daredevils, ferns, heathers and heathers. In this part there are also numerous shrubs constituting the habitat and food for birds, e.g. sea buckthorn, wild rose, rowan, hawthorn, bird cherry, cotoneaster, mahogany. Thorn bushes, in addition to their pro-ecological function, are also a prickly barrier ensuring the safety of owners from the "no neighbor" side.


In the southern part, the plot is adjacent to the village buildings. Therefore, it was assumed that the garden should refer to the rustic character of the surroundings. The proposed vegetation is typical of rural gardens, a vegetable garden with a house and a hammock, and an orchard part. Building materials such as granite cubes, clinker pavers and railway sleepers are also a reference to the rustic character. In the project, the terrain differences were used to shape the slopes and retaining walls, which constitute the "frame" for the lawn in the form of an indentation (0.60 m below the building level).  The materials and composition make the garden cozy like old country gardens, but at the same time modern in its expression.

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