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The garden at the historic manor house


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch,

Kinga Madej (visualizations)

Architecture: house from the 1920s

Area: 2000 m2

Location: near Warsaw

Project: 2020

Implementation: 2020-2022.

Garden design with a park character. A classic composition of greenery in a contemporary edition complements the historic residential buildings. The manor house is immersed in vegetation. Care was taken to ensure that the designed fence, lounge terrace and elements of small architecture fit into the atmosphere of the place. Individually designed details refer to the architecture from the turn of the Art Deco era and early modernism. Functional elements of the development, such as a driveway, a house for children or a fireplace, were added to this context. Modernization of the building was also proposed.

The implementation was planned in stages, taking into account the investment costs.




projekt ogrodu piaseczno warszawa6.jpg
002 kordeckiego ogrodzenie render.jpg
wizualizacja ogrodu z lotu ptaka.jpg
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