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A garden with a large terrace and references to sunny Italy

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pianowska
Area: 960 m²
Location: Warsaw


The scope of the project included  preparation of the concept of land development (driveway, vegetation, surfaces, landscaping, terrace) along with executive drawings and a cost estimate for the implementation of the garden.
  Due to the large area occupied by the building and the small amount of land intended for the garden, solutions optically enlarging the space were used. Intimate interiors for relaxation, smooth lines of beds and plants in cool colors have been designed. In the front part of the garden there is a path made of stone slabs in the lawn, which leads to the terrace and a bench on a stone wall surrounded by vegetation, e.g. pine, barberry, ornamental grasses, flowering herbs. The western part has a protective character from the neighbor's side. In the north-west part, at the exit from the terrace, a barbecue area and a decorative element in the form of stone pillars have been designed. The edges of the terrace are planted with lush vegetation such as funkies, tawułki, hearts or mahogany.  In the eastern part there is a lawn surrounded by 'Anabelle' hydrangeas, boxwood, jasmine, bladder and forsythia. The large area of the terrace is decorated with wooden pots with trellises on which wisteria climbs.  Thanks to the appropriate selection of vegetation, the garden is attractive all year round and pleases the inhabitants not only with its colors, but also with its aromas.


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