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A garden in the forest with a playground,
design and implementation, Magdalenka II


Designers: Wojciech Pytel

Area: 2000 m2

Location: Magdalenka near Warsaw

Design: 2016-2017

Implementation: 2017-2018



Residence in the woods. Lots of trees on the plot  and the owners' passion for geometry. The garden space has been divided into functional zones based on a rectangular module. At the same time, care was taken to ensure that the existing tree stand would not suffer any damage. Out of more than 60 trees, only 3 that were in poor health were removed. The remaining trees were entered into modules filled with vegetation. The layer of trees was supplemented with shrubs of different heights, perennials and ornamental grasses, which "softened" the geometric composition and made the particular functions of the garden (garden rooms)  are even more readable.

The designer found a place for a play zone, a rest zone, a contemplation zone, a large lawn for games and activities, mineral jogging paths, a driveway and an economic zone.


ogrod warszawa magdalenka piaseczno ziel
ogrod rezydencja warszawa magdalenka ele
magdalenka_Wizualizacja ogrodu nowoczesn
ogrod rezydencja warszawa magdalenka ele
ogrod rezydencja warszawa magdalenka ele
ogrod rezydencja warszawa magdalenka ele
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