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Forest garden with sauna


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Zuzanna Marszał

Area: 1100m2

Location: Warsaw, Wesoła

Project: 2019.

Realization: 2020

It matters a lot in the project  link Home> Garden> Landscape, according to the Open Form Theory brought to architecture by O. Hansen:


"Space-time architecture seamlessly connecting the interior and  exterior included in  the element of change, easily adapting to the changing needs of users. Built as a frame for life, it comes alive with  the presence of people.  The special atmosphere is created by the traces of activity and  passion of its inhabitants. "


The proposed landscape architecture fits in with this idea, continuing the ideas of sustainable development. The atmosphere  they build elements taken by garden owners from their travels around Asia.




07.01_Ciasna widok na saunę.jpg
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