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Nordic style grass garden


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel

Area: 2500 m2

Location: Konskie

Project: 2018

Implementation: 2019-2020.


Due to the habitat conditions of the surrounding landscape and the aesthetics of the building, the designers focused on combining the naturalism of vegetation with the simplicity and modernity of hard elements.
The main idea of the garden is to refer to the landscape of dry forest (a group of pines and birches) and steppe areas. Therefore, the lower floors are full of ornamental grasses and flowering perennials (including reed, daredevil, coneflower, liatria, perovskia). Thanks to these measures, the garden is a buffer between the landscape on the one hand, and single-family houses on the other.
  Despite the fact that it is a functionally intimate space for relaxation, it aesthetically gives the impression of an area without borders.


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