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Modern garden with a pine grove - design and implementation


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel

Area: 1500 m²

Location: Wyszków

Design: 2012-13

Implementation 2013-2015


Before starting the construction works, a conceptual and executive design of the garden was prepared, which allowed to optimize the costs and divide the implementation into stages. The garden was arranged in a contemporary style, referring to the form of architecture. The design idea was to create a garden on two levels, taking advantage of the natural height differences. The terraces allowed for the separation of functionally different spaces, which also increased the aesthetic value of the facility. A gravel garden with a strong accent of a retaining wall in the form of a gabion gave the space a modern character.


There are zones in the garden:

- upper terrace (recreational lawn, ornamental plantings)

- forest (group of pines, grass garden, heath)

- lower terrace (place to rest, pergola with grapevines, fireplace, gravel garden with grasses)

- side garden (link between the upper and lower terraces)

- utility garden (greenhouse, vegetable garden, orchard part)

- front garden (driveway and formal arrangement of ornamental vegetation)

- economic zone (tool shed, kennel for a dog)


By appropriately shaping the space, the garden has become a favorite place to rest, it emphasizes the architecture and gives it dynamics - the vegetation invades the façade and changes its face throughout the year. In addition, it covers unattractive views and provides an appropriate microclimate.

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