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Garden with terraces, Konstancin Jeziorna

Designers: Wojciech Pytel
Area: 50m²
Location: Warsaw


Even a small garden space (often in the case of the city center area) arranged in an appropriate way can become an ideal place for relaxation. The proof
  is this one  a design that combines a decorative arrangement with the needs of users.

The main elements are two wooden terraces which, thanks to their arrangement at different heights, optically enlarge the garden space. On the upper terrace it was proposed  an armchair and a table set under an umbrella. This allows you to relax with a coffee or a meal. Weather-resistant furniture provides adequate comfort. Next to the terraces, there is a space for relaxation in a hammock. The terrace garden is surrounded by a fence with vines, ensuring the privacy of its users.

The whole garden is completed by a pond planted with colorful vegetation, which is not only a decorative element, but also provides an appropriate microclimate.


Thanks to technical drawings and detailed descriptions, the garden was realized by the owners on their own, saving time and money incurred in the case of carrying out the task "without a project".

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