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The concept of development of the Służewiecka Valley park

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel 
Area: 29.5 ha
Location: Warsaw, Mokotów

Investor: Study study


The project involved the performance of a series of analyzes, from which conclusions were drawn and the concept was made.
In the project, it was decided to reduce the risk of flooding, air pollution, give the space identification, create landscape interiors, make communication easier to read, and separate zones for various activities, equipped with appropriate instruments and small architecture.
The idea of the project: City, Country, Nature resulted from the analysis of history. In the past, in the place of today's park, there was a forest with backwaters, which probably had an important natural function. Then, individual buildings of the village of Służewo appeared in this place. It was only in the 70s of the last century that the construction of apartment blocks around the park began and the surroundings took on an urban character. Therefore, the spirit of the place and its past were referred to, creating an urban zone (near blocks of flats), a rural zone (in a place with remnants of orchards and meadows) and a forest zone in places with the greatest natural values.

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