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Development of the right bank of the Vistula in Toruń from the Harbor to the Drzewny Port


Designers: GRINER Landscape architecture: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch, Joanna Orzinska

Area: 400 ha
Location: The city of Toruń

Design: 2020

Realization: -

Sandy backwaters and riverside clumps are present in the local area
  landscapes have become a source of thought for the development of this concept.  They are a legacy worth emphasizing for future generations.  Geomorphological forms were translated into elements of land development.

Several main zones have been proposed in the space, between which extensively developed areas are located, respecting nature. The main program points were “fastened” with an educational and natural path and pedestrian paths, thus enabling convenient communication. Thanks to a clear idea, the area on the Vistula River gained an identity and a coherent vision.

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The areas that bring people together result from the context, in line with the Theory of the Islands. They are a place of relaxation and integration.  The planned spaces have a varied functional program. Their location results from the spatial conditions of the surroundings and the study area. We can feast with friends in one place, rent a kayak in another, and finally  go for a walk and nature observation.  The zones are varied enough for everyone to find something for themselves. At the same time, people who value solitude in the surroundings of nature, as well as groups of people who love meetings in a more “urban character” have not been forgotten. At the same time, an effort was made to correlate the architecture with the surrounding space as much as possible. Underlined  compositional axes, landscape interiors with viewing openings were created. The whole thing is connected with an educational and natural path.


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