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Revalorization of the historic park

in Wyszków


Designers: Paulina Pianowska
Area: 7.87 ha
Location: Wyszków

The project was made as part of the diploma thesis.


Honorary award of the Section of Landscape Architects of the Warsaw Branch of the Association of Polish Architects.



The aim of the project was to restore the former glory of the park while emphasizing the history of the place and taking into account the needs of a modern user.


Park them. Karol Ferdynand Waza in Wyszków

historic premise  from the end of the 19th century with a landscape character. The design idea was  a combination of the main elements of the naturalistic style, i.e. nature, education and relaxation.

The combination of these components made it possible to determine  the main functions and program of the park. An educational nature path, reconstruction of the palace (intended for exhibitions, events and lessons about the history of the place), reconstruction of the gate from the heyday of the park, paths for walks, picnic areas, space for active recreation (thematic meetings and events of various kinds) have been designed.


The concept proposes the use of modern technologies and  materials, while respecting the historic substance of the park, the history of the place and landscape connections.

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