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Modernization of the playground
"Mom, I'll be a pilot!"

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel
Area: 3700 m²
Location: Warsaw, Ochota

Investor: Study study


The main idea of the project: "Mom I will be a pilot" refers to the reminiscences of the past and the desire to be a hero. The theme is a reference to the Polish pilot

J. Skarżyński, named after the street adjacent to the square.

The playground is divided into three zones. The "swinging in the clouds" zone is a space with play elements that swing, spin, bounce and teach children to keep their balance.
The "get to know the world" zone includes interactive boards with various forms of play, there is also a vegetable garden and many interesting plants in the zone. Here, children can learn and explore the world around them. The "departure" zone is a place where children can run, jump, race, climb and slide freely. All this is surrounded by cool planes.

urzadzenia zabawowe1.jpg
Existing state

urzadzenia zabawowe2.jpg
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