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Land development plan

Polmos in Żyrardów


Designers: JAZ + Architects: J. Żmijewski, A. Jaworski,

Z.Masse-Deda, J. Wasak,  M. Tyminska, A. Gołaszewski,


GRINER Landscape architecture: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel

Area: 12 ha
Location: Żyrardów

Design: 2019

Implementation: 2020-2021

The vodka factory area is a special place, taking into account the climate that you feel during the first contact with factory silos, pipelines and buildings from years ago. These elements became the starting point for the development of the Design Idea. An educational path has been planned that leads visitors through the area with a different functional and spatial program. The selection of plants and the composition of the development elements have been adapted to the factory character. 

Plants with white and interesting brick-red flowers dominate  autumn coloring, which makes them delightful with their variability throughout the growing season. On the axis: reception - brick building, a representative square with patches of plants was proposed. In this space, soaring pear trees with beautiful spring flowering were located. The lower level is made of ornamental grasses that give lightness, e.g. reed grass, daredevil. A multi-storey structure was proposed on the large eastern wall of the building  planted vines. Thanks to this solution, we feel the balance between greenery and architecture. In the vast zone of the meadow, the assumptions of the composition based on oval forms are continued. Meadows of ornamental grasses and wild flowers permeate the space on both sides of the road. Trees inscribed in the landscape frame the views. A guest building is planned  a square with a representative character, thanks to which we start and end the "journey" in a similar way  element of development. At the entrance to the building  the presence of elements of equipment such as seats in a modern, industrial version is provided. The pavement is planned out of large concrete slabs.

1POL_012_Rośliny nasadzenia_Zielona ścia
05_Polmos_łąka kwietna.jpg
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