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Van Gogh Square


Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch

Architecture: SEMA Architekci M. Utliński
Area: 3000 m2
Location: Warsaw

The creative interpretation of the spaces of Dutch cities brought to mind small interiors (squares) among trees and low vegetation (ornamental grasses and perennials), in the immediate vicinity of the buildings. The idea of developing the area was to create a place adapted to the human scale, conducive to various forms of recreation. At the same time, efforts were made to emphasize and complement the service building with the greenery composition. It is the intimate squares on the extension of the building's western façade that are conducive to meetings on the bench and short, spontaneous conversations "while you wait". Closing the space on one side with a building and opening onto the lawn on the other provides a varied viewing experience. The lawn allows passive rest, e.g. a picnic in the sun, as well as in the shade of a planned plane tree with a spreading crown. Developing the composition  in the northern part it enables recreation (e.g. playing badminton).

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The recreation area of the square has been divided in terms of composition from the car park by planting groups of trees and a strip of low, ground cover greenery. The Corten steel wall is of great importance here in terms of aesthetics and functionality. A wall separates users from the view and noise from the street. In addition, a quote from Vincent van Gogh was planned to be cut:

"Let's love nature, because thanks to it we understand art better and better".

Its message refers to the naturalistic concept of creating the landscape and the work of Dutch painters.

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