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EGOE terrace Intimate color

Area: 8.5 m2

Category: Standard +

Location: South / West exhibition

Project: 2021


Arrangement  a terrace in the spirit of cheerful minimalism is a perfect proposition  for people who value contemporary style, simple forms and color accents.  This composition is dominated by solid, steel furniture with an industrial character. A high table and two comfortable stools allow you to stay on the terrace on a "higher level". Thanks to this, users of the green terrace can feel the proximity of vegetation. The undemanding plants are arranged in tall, light, aluminum pots. The colors of the plants (green, red and white) mean that this terrace is never boring. Interesting lighting makes it possible to stay  after dark. Sit on a hockey player, open your head and get away from mundane matters for a moment.  

The arrangement will fit perfectly into the climates of loft, industrial, postmodernism, Funky, Scandi, Coctail Bar, Bauhaus, Modern Farm, Beefy style, Barbeque.


This intimate terrace is perfect  it will serve as an additional interior of the apartment or a zone for small meetings among the greenery, extension of the living room or dining room, a private oasis of peace, a place for a Saturday cocktail or a non-alcoholic drink for two.

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Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Agnieszka Boruch
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