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The concept of the development of the green area at ul. Bunny (corner of Or-Ota)

Designers: Wojciech Pytel, Paulina Pytel
Area: 2512 m²
Location: Warsaw, Żoliborz

Investor: Housing cooperative


The scope of the study, apart from the land development concept, included the preparation of the land balance sheet and the estimation of the investment implementation costs.

The main idea of the green area is based on geometric figures softened by curves. They refer to the body of the neighboring building, adapt to the existing state and give the space a uniform, modern character. The green space has been divided into functional zones.
The pool area serves as a relaxation area for people using the pool, while ensuring adequate intimacy. The wooden terrace is a meeting place for pool users. The representative zone is located in the central part. It has the form of a square with a flowerbed, in which a composition of decorative perennials has been designed throughout the year. Another zone is the isolation zone, which protects against noise and pollution coming from the street. It was designed in the form of a grove of small trees.
  There is a play zone in the southern part. Fun is possible thanks to play equipment in a field with river gravel, neighboring lawns and a beater.  The zone next to the building allows access to staircases and a garbage can. The study area has been fenced, and only the residents of the buildings have access.

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